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2NE1 / 2nd Mini Album + GIFT

    2NE1 / 2nd Mini Album + GIFT

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    Manufacturer: 2NE1
    Availability: Sold Out
    Release Date: 2011/07/28
    Product Code: YGK0057
    Format: CD Album (CD only)
    Label: YG Entertainment
    Import: Korea
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    » Free Gift: 2NE1 Photo Card + Official 2NE1 Decorating Sticker Sheet
    » Free Gift  is 1:1 (Example: Qty 2 ordered will have 2 Items + 2 Gifts)
    » Free Gift  event is valid till 26 July 2011

    » Folded poster or poster in tube options available.
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    » Free Gift 2NE1 Decorating Sticker Sheet Sample:



    July 28th, 2NE1’s 2nd mini album is being released.
    Through this mini album with 6 tracks, 2NE1 will present a title song ‘UGLY’ as well as others including ‘Hate You,’ along with the big hit songs dominated various charts: ‘I AM THE BEST,’ ‘Lonely,’ and ‘Don’t Cry.’ Plus, there will be a bonus track called ‘Don’t Stop the Music,’ which makes the album more exciting.
    Unlike other albums before, this album concentrates its design motif on illustrations that reflect 2NE1’s unique style. The illustrations are from a well-known pop artist Mary Kim and her usage of vivid colors and fierce descriptions of characters represent 2NE1 perfectly; such artworks make this album even more collectible.

    · Mary Kim illustration booklet, 21 pcs (135mm x 135mm)
    · Package Size: 148mm x 148mm x 25mm
    · YG Family Card (Included in 1st press only)


    Track List

    1. 내가 제일 잘 나가
    2. UGLY
    3. Lonely
    4. Hate You
    5. Don't Cry
    6. Don't Stop The Music


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